Drug Law Reform in Europe: Welcome LEAP Germany

2016 is set to be an interesting year for drug law reform efforts across the globe. With UNGASS looming, all eyes turn to world leaders — will they take on the task of making tangible reforms?

It’s with pleasure that we share the launch video of our colleagues over at LEAP Germany. LEAP DE held a press conference in the Bundestag during the closing part of 2015. Please take a moment to watch the press conference and share on your social media…

LEAP has a unique voice; we’re comprised of a range of law enforcement figures, and of course citizens, who have gravitated towards seeking meaningful and compassionate alternatives to a criminal justice system led drug policy. If we’re serious about societal health, then reform and regulation is our path to betterment.

Of course, 2016 is leap year… and from all of us at LEAP UK, we shall indeed see you on leap day.

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