[Event] Is Addiction a Crime?

Is it time we took another look at addiction and crime? Why has the last century chosen to stigmatise addiction and used the criminal justice system over health-based alternatives, and compassion? What really makes a criminal?

Join us as we talk to a distinguished panel for the live recording of the Stop and Search podcast:

  • Johann Hari – Journalist, author, Johann has travelled the world with his ground-breaking book Chasing the Scream and spoken on addiction in a TED Talk which has had nearly 7million views.
  • Tom Gash – a senior fellow at the Institute for Government and a visiting senior fellow at the Mannheim Centre for Criminology, LSE, Tom is the author of Criminal: the truth about why people do bad things.
  • Livvy Haydock – as a documentary filmmaker, Livvy has been on the frontlines of drugs and crime with her films exploring gang culture, prisons, and the Philippines’ drug war which can be seen on BBC Three.

Please do join us and bring your voices and opinions. Tickets are free, book now: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/is-addiction-a-crime-tickets-33292852819

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