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When we launched at the Houses of Parliament on LEAP Day this year we had high hopes for the future and wow have those hopes been recognised and then some! In February this year we managed to organise the launch and all other associated events with a skeleton crew of a few very dedicated and overworked individuals. However if nothing else this year has taught us that to continue to provide the high level advice, lobbying and services we offer to various sectors ranging from politicians to Skeptics in the Pub the time has come for us to recruit more helpers.

This is where you come in, have you sat and followed drug law reform and thought to yourself ‘I wish there was more I could do?’ if so you are exactly the type of person we are looking for. As we have leapt from opportunity to opportunity this year we have a variety of roles available ranging from volunteer social media assistance, volunteer fund raising personnel to volunteers who are happy to receive emails from us asking for help with sharing important news on personal social media accounts. Here are the following roles available:

  • Twitter social media officer: This role involves sharing relevant news items on the LEAP UK twitter account, responding to messages and forwarding on the information to relevant parties and also responding to comments on the posts shared. You will have relative autonomy in deciding what to share or say as long as you remain within the remit of our social media policy.
  • Facebook social media officer: This role will involve sharing relevant information on our facebook page, replying to comments and responding to facebook messages which will involve forwarding on information to relevant parties. Again with this role you will have relative autonomy providing you remain within the remit of our social media policy.
  • Instagram social media officer: Here at LEAP UK we have built up a sizeable bank of videos and images which we desperately need sharing on a regular basis to Instagram. This role would also involve engaging with people in the comments section and forwarding on any queries to relevant parties. This role also comes with relative autonomy in line with our social media policy.
  • LEAP UK member social media assistance: Should you decide that you would still like to assist us but remain more on the sidelines then this is the role for you! Basically all you need to do is send us your email address to support@ukleap.org and we will forward you news stories or policy documents for you to share on your own personal social media accounts as and when you have the time.
  • Fundraising officer: Do you have experience of writing funding bids or successfully applying for grants and have some spare time? Or do you have imaginative ideas about fundraising? If so we really need you! This role encompasses searching for funding opportunities and applying for them with the assistance of our current team. You will not be left alone or unassisted and we will help you as much as we can with any information you might need including mission statements etc.

Each of these roles will not take up a large amount of your time. Here at LEAP UK we believe more in marathons than sprints and fully respect and promote the need for a good work life balance which not only makes us more productive, but happier as well and who can deny the importance of that? We are an equal opportunities organisation and will respond to applications from anyone who applies even if the application is not successful. We are genuinely regretful that we cannot offer a wage to anyone but please be assured that we are not paid either. This may well change in the future as we expand further. LEAP UK is run by a dedicated staff of volunteers who go above and beyond what is needed on a regular basis out of sheer passion for the need for drug law reform. If you think that working with us and gaining the experience of working with a UN accredited NGO is something you would be interested in please send a CV and covering letter to support@ukleap.org  for all roles barring the volunteer LEAP UK member social media assistance (please email support and we will register your email for this role), and we will be in touch by the 31st of January 2017 to inform you of the outcome of your application.lordk

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