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Beckley Foundation: Roadmaps to Regulation

On 26 May 2016, the Psychoactive Substances Act came into effect, rendering it illegal to buy, supply any substance deemed to have psychoactive properties. Amanda Feilding and the Beckley Foundation have released this chapter from their forthcoming report, “Roadmaps to Regulation: Cannabis, Psychedelics, MDMA and NPS.” The chapter explains the medical and social fallacies of applying a blanket ban to this vast array of chemically dissimilar substances, and strategises how we could legally regulate the unquellable market for NPS. Visit the link for Roadmaps to Regulation PDF.


Online Drug Statistics Infographic

British dealers had a 16.1% share of the online drug market, the largest share in Europe, and took home $2.2m.

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Simple, small messages can make big impacts. We invest our time in creating content that attracts attention as a way of encouraging greater awareness on the topic of drug policy reform.

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uniofbathSubstance Bereavement Guidelines

The guidelines, based on findings by researchers at the University of Bath and University of Sterling, suggest that those left bereaved after a drug or alcohol related death often receive poor responses which can exacerbate their grief. The authors hope these Guidelines can transform how authorities deal with bereaved friends and family.

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May 2015 Drug Policy Tracker

In light of the May 2015 general elections in the United Kingdom, we developed an interactive website to help our users gauge where the major parties stand on drug policy at a glance. Although the elections are now behind us, this tool remains a useful guide for those interested in learning about manifesto pledges and the stated positions of party leaders on the issue. Visit our Drug Policy Tracker.