Podcast: U.S Election Special

We were privileged to sit down with Ethan Nadelmann of the Drug Policy Alliance. If you follow drug policy, then you will need no introduction. Ethan has been one of the global leaders in drug policy reform for a few decades. Also joining he discussion is George McBride who is Head of Advocacy at VolteFace.me. Have a listen as we have a chat about a number of things in this U.S election special:

We cover a range of issues in this special podcast – we take a look at Stop and Frisk powers, new ballot initiatives which could see a few more U.S states legalise cannabis, and what we may see in the presidential rac72efe471-6969-4721-8f11-76de2f8aa138-1e. We were certainly lucky to make the most of Ethan’s time while he was over on his brief trip to London.

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