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If you are an undergraduate student and you would like to have your academic work published on the LEAP UK website, we would love to hear from you. We understand how hard it can be to get your work published. You are the future of drug law reform and we think your research should be showcased for all to see. As well as furthering debate and offering much needed new perspectives, our collaboration provides students with the opportunity to include the publication on their academic CVs.

All of the assignments we receive will be peer reviewed to ensure oversight and accountability. We would never ask you to change your work but we may request that grammar and spelling issues are resolved prior to publication. We reserve the right not to publish works that duplicate content of previously posted submissions or do not relate to the study of drugs and drug policy.

All works considered for publication will meet the following criteria:

  • Works will have received a grade of 60% or above
  • Content of submissions must be relevant to the work of LEAP UK, including but not limited to criminology, policing studies, political examinations of drug policy or sociological work including health model approaches
  • Works must be referenced appropriately and in accordance with the student’s own university/academic institution referencing guidelines, e.g. Harvard/APA

All works must be submitted in word document or equivalent format and sent via email to our Policy Coordinator at the address below:

Academic works sent to the LEAP UK support email address may not be considered for publication.

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