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We have a fairly simple motto here at LEAP UK: Honesty is always the best policy. We first need honesty in recognising the failures of current drug policy, and then we need honesty in an evidence-based policy as we begin the implementation of the blueprint to decriminalise and legally regulate all drugs.


LEAP UK is officially launching on Monday 29th February: #LEAPDay. We’re here to give the front-line perspective, from police and enforcement personnel, of why we need to reform our drug laws. Let’s: Support. Don’t Punish.


There are supporters of drug law reform who have a great deal of policy knowledge and are not perturbed in pursuit of debating the issue. As a society, we need more dialogue – we need to talk about drugs. Public voices are vital to our outreach efforts, they enable our voices in LEAP UK to travel just that little bit further. It’s for these reasons that we’ve created an ambassador role. We would like to acknowledge, thank and give our support in return to those who have spoken up for reform.

We’re pleased to announce our first LEAP UK Ambassador – Mr Rufus Hound

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Rufus wearing his LEAP badge as a LEAP UK Ambassador

Rufus has been a tremendous help to us behind the scenes. Since appearing in the feature documentary, The Culture High, Rufus has kept in touch and championed our cause. For this we thank him! We’re grateful that Rufus has accepted our honorary, deputised role as a LEAP UK Ambassador. Pinning a LEAP badge to your lapel firmly denotes that you’re starting a conversation, and that you’re standing with law enforcement and communities for drug policy reform.

If ever in debate about drugs – do as Rufus does – simply send them our way with the question:

When Law Enforcement Stand for Drug Policy Reform… Ask Us Why?


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