[Watch] “I Would Not Call Police if Son Had Cannabis”

269A6AE900000578-0-image-a-25_1426249946389Ed Miliband has been challenged on live TV over whether he regrets ‘stabbing his brother in the back’ to win the Labour leadership.

He insisted that although the contest was ‘bruising’ he thought he would make a better leader than brother David, and still does.

It came as he was grilled by young voters on BBC Three, who questioned him about trust, drugs and being weird.

David Miliband had been seen as a frontrunner for the Labour leadership after Gordon Brown lost the election in 2010.

The surprise decision by Ed, his less experienced younger brother, to stand against sent shock waves through Westminster and plunged their relationship into the deep freeze.

Ed proved victorious, narrowly securing the leadership with the support of the trade unions.

Watch the moment Miliband was questioned about Cannabis here:

Originally published by The Daily Mail

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