[Watch] Catch Actual Criminals, Not Harass Drug Addicts


The debate on narcotics is gaining momentum, with society growing more and more tolerant toward soft drugs such as marijuana. But the question still stands – would the legalization of drugs help the people, or drive thousands to their deaths? Earlier, on Sophie&Co we’ve heard voices against legalization – but now it’s time to hear an opposite point of view. French physician, member of the Global Commission on Drug Policy and an advocate of legalization, professor Michel Kazatchkine is on Sophie&Co today.

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Sophie Shevardnadze: French physician, member of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, professorMichel Kazatchkine, welcome to the show, great to have you with us. Now, you believe in legalizing certain drugs, saying it’s “a simple choice between control being in the hands of governments or gangsters”. So, specifically, what drugs should be legalised in your opinion?

Michel Kazatchkine: Now, it’s up to governments, depending on their cultural, historical, societal context to sort of go for one or the other drugs. I think the obvious first candidates would be cannabis, and as you know there’s a lot happening in this respect already in the world, and the others would be the synthetic drugs: the new amphetamine-type stimulants, particularly, following the example of what’s happening in New Zealand – maybe we’ll come back to that.

This article was originally written and published by RT. You can also read the full transcript at this link.

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