New Podcast: Addicted to Drug Journalism

Do the media have a responsibility when it comes to facts and information? How about drugs – should the media be held accountable for what it puts out on this particular subject? On this month’s Stop and Search podcast, we host some of the most knowledgeable figures in the field of journalism, and in particular, drug journalism.

On the panel we have:

  • Max Daly – co-author of Narcomania, Max is a regular columnist on Vice and now presents shows on Viceland
  • Mike Power – author of Drugs 2.0, Mike is a freelance investigative journalist who has written for the Mail on Sunday, Guardian, Mix Mag, and many others
  • Decca Aitkenhead – author of The Promised Land: Travels in Search of the Perfect E, Decca is a broadcaster and Guardian journalist

Tune in…

We cover a lot of ground in this podcast, from what inspired the authors and their respective books, to just what really goes on within the realms of the press. This conversation was one of the most open and honest that we’ve had yet.

Stop and Search is on the Scroobius Pip Distraction Pieces Network, brought to you by Acast, in association with LEAP UK

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