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Who will shape the next decade? The Huffington Post considered this question and compiled a list of ten influential causes that will most likely shape the next decade.

That drug policy reform is one of those “ten most important issues of our generation” is the conclusion of The Huff’. They have nominated Law Enforcement Action Partnership as champions of this cause. To this end, they have organised a month of fundraising via crowdrise.com, and here at LEAP UK, we are pleased to be a part of it.

LEAP began in the United States, when just five ex-cops decided to use their knowledge and experience to try and bring about an end to “The War on Drugs”. Twelve years later, LEAP is now recognised as one of the leaders in drug policy reform. There are 100,000 registered supporters around the world, and the organisation is expanding all the time, with chapters in South America and mainland Europe.

The reason LEAP has been successful is down to the fact that we have the pleasure of calling ex-law enforcement our loyal members and colleagues. When I personally speak to individuals about drug policy that are unfamiliar with my own history, I always get that double-take. That sudden shock. I get asked to rewind a little and repeat myself. “You did what for a living?…and you believe what?” . The truth is, we try to engage people who would not necessarily be interested in engaging with the discussion generally, if it wasn’t for the perspectives and though-provoking stances offered by our upstanding former law enforcement friends. As our American LEAP partners like to say, “when cops say legalise – you have to ask us why”!

Retired Police Captain, Peter Christ, co-founder of Law Enforcement Action Partnership talks about the futility and dangers of prohibitions, supported by delightful stop action animation.

Nonetheless, we at LEAP UK are a long way from the size of our mother organisation, but we are entering a period of significant expansion. We have exciting things in the pipeline, and will soon be introducing a membership scheme via our website. For some time we have had enquiries from supportive individuals wishing to help and support us. There are currently members supporting LEAP in 120 countries.

So in this time of expansion for us here in the UK, this recognition and support by The Huffington Post has come at a crucial time. Funding is now what we desperately need. With the right resources, we can reach more people, we can recruit more valuable community and policing figures, and expand in much the same way that LEAP has in the States, or in Brazil, or Costa Rica. We normally ask visitors to kindly consider giving a donation via the subtly marked PayPal “donate” button here on our website, but for the next month we are asking everyone who supports the international effort for drug policy reform to take part in this Next Ten Crowdrise campaign, in recognition of the LEAP network’s fantastic work, and it’s impact on the next ten years of drug policy.

Please visit … and donate what you can (just remember to select LEAP UK on the drop down menu when you click “donate”)! This campaign is important, so please contribute. Only then might we be able to fulfil The Huffington Post’s prophecy of becoming one of the most influential causes of the next ten decades!

Please note: this campaign is being managed by Huffington Post U.S, so donations can only be taken in dollars. The minimum donation that can be made is $10, which as of 14/05/15, is roughly £6.33p.

See our Huffington Post fundraising page here.

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